'Why God Cannot Be A Person'!

The "morality" dilemma of God!

I have received another comment on my most recent Youtube video, from a Christian that was questioning me on what I was saying (or on what they were "hearing" me as saying). And they presented their counter argument from the consciousness of "duality", as most Christians will.

This is what they wrote: "The problem with your statement here is that you are trying to confine God as being a deity only of wrath and indignation.. God is a God of many different attributes.. he only pours his wrath out on the disobedient.. and God himself said "I create evil".. so we see that God has a use for evil in the lives of his creations.."

And here is how I responded to that

Part of my understanding now is, that I don't see God in "anthropomorphic" ways (of human like stature)... I do subscribe to the more scientific terminology of energy, vibration and frequency. And in this sense the scripture "I create light and darkness, I create good and evil"... (to me) speaks of the vibrational dance of the electromagnetic sine waves. We can see examples of this from Quantum Science. Frequencies create or form everything in this world of matter. You can see this on a small scale when you look into Cymatics.

Nikola Tesla is the person who I think said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” He conducted many experiments with energy, some of which are reported to have caused earthquake tremors, among many other things.

You might perhaps realize that when we "De-personify" God and see it as Energy, we don't run into the frequent dilemma of trying to figure out God's "morals" or "ethics" and judge HIS works worse than Satan's. Energy, depending how it is 'handled' can in deed create calamity and evil. Scientists are playing around with these powers every day, using it for "evil". It's man who is bending the God Energy to manifest as destruction; not some Deity in the Cosmos.

In fact, critics of the Bible have tallied up the number of deaths in the Bible caused by the LORD to be much much higher than the numbers of casualties attributed to Satan. It's gets really sticky and icky, when we "personify" both of these archetypes. And this is the main reason why so many people are defecting from the Christian God. They cannot reconcile His immoral behaviour.

January 22, 2024