'Why People Become Christian'?

The Subconscious Mind

What people in their mental mind don't get is the stuff that is in the "subconscious" mind (meaning we have no clue what is in there propelling our choices). Even the choice of becoming a Christian or believing in Jesus, ONLY exists because many of us were "pre" indoctrinated by the notion that we are 'separated' from God by some SIN.

This indoctrination starts in our mother's womb, by the way . A fetus has consciousness in the womb and is subjected to all of mother's emotions. Many babies become infused with the hormones produced by the mother's "feelings" of NOT REALLY WANTING THE BABY, that it was a "accident" (unplanned)... all of these things are CONSCIOUSNESS that transfers to the baby before it is even born.

We are looking for someone to love us

It's from these subconscious impressions of "rejection" and "abandonment" which become compounded during childhood, that we will later in life "make the choice to believe in Jesus" because we are (unconsciously) looking for a Saviour, for someone that will love us unconditionally.

That is the REAL reason why people become Christian... and this subconsciousness will become confirmed by physiologically (brain secretions) induced 'out of body' experiences of hearing or seeing Jesus in visions.

That's how powerful the psychological mind (aka SOUL) is... since it is 'created in the image of God' which is consciousness. So, unless by 'the grace of God' you have an awakening to THIS fact, you are just guided by your subconscious programming.

January 27, 2024