There are many dear brothers and sisters who are not ready to embrace the conscious awareness that they are "One with God", in the sense of 1+1=1 "I and the Father are One". John 10:30
'One' meaning absolutely, 'in opposed to many'... or 'opposed in division into parts'.
I know we are prone to speak in terms of being 'fractals of God' or 'little pieces of God', but that does not align with the word and phrase Jesus used in John 10 & 17.
This 'oneness' is the absolute conscious state of the ONE Source. In our common vernacular that would be stated as "You are God".
We all know that Jesus did not get away with saying it that straight forwardly in his day, hence why he said "All of you are gods". And still that got him crucified.
But let me try to explain to you why it is of utmost importance that we shift into the conscious awareness that Jesus prayed for 2000 years ago?
To continue in the awareness that "God is solely God, and we are not... but are mere creations of God"... has the potential of keeping us stuck in an unconscious "waiting" stance, and "victim-hood" about the affairs of this life.
Since we do not have the conscious awareness of "divinity", we unconsciously live "waiting for God to make this world better", and the phone line to God seems to have rung "busy" for a good portion of the times we know through historical records. God is not answering the call. And the world keeps spiralling into the abyss.
The responsibility and ability to change the world, rests entirely on OUR shoulders. We, employing the power of Consciousness are the only ones who can effect change here. This places us in the position of "God".
And those dear Souls that have volunteered to die in all of the wars raging upon the planet, are counting on US to change the world... so that when they incarnate the next time, it will be a better world!
We are all in this together... working toward evolving the planet and humanity. We are ONE!

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