Written on January 15, 2024
I saw a friend lamenting the fact that they find themselves talking too much, and really not taking the time to 'listen' to what people are saying, but only chomping at the bit to make a reply. I have done this, as well and at times still do.
The unconscious habit of 'talking over people' or having the 'need to reply' is actually rooted in childhood trauma. The child that has always been dismissed or invalidated, when grown up "just wants to be heard". This is completely subconscious and few people are even aware they are doing this.
The cure is to start working on these shadow wounds, and re-parent the inner child, now that we are adults and have a better understanding of trauma.
As you might know, I do this through my Morning Musings. My 'inner child' or Soul has so much stored up over the years that has been waiting to be said... and in this way I can give myself the audience that I need. I can talk to myself and with myself without interruption and thus satisfy my need to be heard.
And over time, this has gentled my triggered responses to where I have become a lot less moved to reply and I now have room to really listen.
If we try to "do better" apart from resolving the legitimate need of the inner child to be validated, we are doing ourselves even more harm through further repression. Before we can heal others, we do need to heal ourselves. ❤
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