I feel like I need to make another disclaimer. (In step with my continued expansion)
I am not here to try and invalidate anyone's spirituality or relationship with God! I really don't care what you believe or how you practice your faith. Whatever works best for you, and has you feeling whole... I am down with that. ❤
I am on a journey of Self discovery, and I am learning how deeply complex the human experience is and how we all have very unique and fascinating ways about us, and specific NEEDS (spiritually, psychologically, mentally and emotionally... depending on the trauma that is there).
And there really is no "one size fits all" approach that will satisfy every Soul equally. There is no ONE way to relate or be with God.
The only thing that I am HOPING for is that in time we all come to this realization and recognition about one another, and can offer each other GRACE and understanding for our uniquely spiritual expressions.
The Source that I like to call LOVE is the only universal Truth! And this LOVE has many many different and unique ways of touching us. And every "way" the Soul chooses for itself, is the right and true way. I want to bless and honour You in your Soul expression. ❤

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