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Visit Rene Gade Musings on Youtube, for inspiring insights as I chronicle the journey from having lived devoted to Jesus Christ and Christianity for 35 years (50 years as my unconscious Self), to my now Awakened to Soul life!

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Here you will find many Facebook posts that I have written, while walking myself through the deconstruction process of having to rethink my Christian theology, as well as expanding into new consciousness as I leave "no stone unturned".

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Offering Natural Soul inspired art and handcrafted projects such as The Peace Stix Shamanic Traditional Arts. As well as beautiful Twin Flame or Yin Yang Opal Rings in Orange Fire Divine Masculine and Blue Ice Divine Feminine energies.

'Why People Become Christian' ...

My response to a Youtube video

What people in their mental mind don't get is the stuff that is in the "subconscious" mind (meaning we have no clue what is in there propelling our choices). Even the choice of becoming a Christian or believing in Jesus, ONLY exists because many of us were "pre" indoctrinated by the notion that we are 'separated' from God by some SIN.

Why God Cannot Be A Person #cymatics

The "morality" dilemma of God!

I have received another comment on my most recent Youtube video, from a Christian that was questioning me on what I was saying (or on what they were "hearing" me as saying). And they presented their counter argument from the consciousness of "duality", as most Christians will.

This is what they wrote: "The problem with your statement here is that you are trying to confine God as being a deity only of wrath and indignation.. God is a God of many different attributes.. he only pours his wrath out on the disobedient.. and God himself said "I create evil".. so we see that God has a use for evil in the lives of his creations.."