Handcrafted Fountain Pens

Writing with a handmade fountain pen says a lot about a person. It shows your appreciation for quality, art and design. It also makes a strong statement of elegance and professionalism.

Also, most of our clients whether they be doctors, lawyers or accountants spend many hours in their offices, and one way to keep connected to a piece of nature is by way of these beautiful handmade wooden fountain pens.

Premium Heirloom Quality

All of our Handmade fountain pens are individually handcrafted and only use premium quality components and platings to ensure your writing instrument lasts for many enjoyable years!


You may customize your handcrafted fountain pen to reflect your personal preferences in colors and materials. We offer many choices in beautiful exotic woods & burls, antler horn, gemstone and a wide selection in acrylics.

Need a gift for someone else?

Whether you are looking for a nice Thank You Gift for a friend, or a fine Business Pen, a fun birthday present, Graduation gift, holiday gift idea, a special item of recognition for your boss or teacher, or simply a "just because" gift for a special friend or family, one of these handcrafted fountain pens or other fine writing pens would make an ideal choice as a beautiful, yet practical gift to cherish for many years!

Easily Refillable

Every one of our handcrafted fountain pens (and all other pens for that matter) are easily refillable, using STANDARD ink cartridges and pen refills readily available from almost any office supply store. You won't ever have to worry about not being able to find ink for your favourite fountain pen!

Just received the pen and am thrilled. I have used it posted and non posted; with both of the refills and have even reversed it to see how the heftier felt up front. Thanks so much for your great communication and help and especially for the pen. As Arnold said, "I'll be back"!
— Dr. John Pepin, Happy Customer


Focusing On The Details

These uniquely handcrafted fountain pens and handmade wood gifts from Authentic Expressions are the perfect gift for any occasion!

Creating a quality custom made fountain pen is truly as great a pleasure as it is owning one! Each one of my creative wood fountain pens for sale featured on our website is genuinely and individually handcrafted to my quality specifications based on over 17+ years of experience in custom ink pen crafting.

I hand-select each raw wood pen blank, and after investing hours of cutting, drilling, turning and meticulously hand-sanding and polishing thru multiple (as many as 20+) steps, tastefully match it with the highest quality pen components and most durable platings available, to ensure that you, the customer only receives the very best quality in artistic handmade wooden fountain pens!